Building Specifications

The following are the basic building specifications for Gateway Plaza. These specifications are based on the “Design Development” stage of design and are therefore subject to change at any time without notice. The development team can provide more detail on these specifications.

LEED-CS Gold Certification

The is certified by the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design at the Gold level certification for sustainability, efficiency, and innovation.

Construction Type
The office tower is composed of a type 1 steel frame and glass exterior with metal decks and concrete fill.
The office tower is clad in a high-performance glass curtainwall system with both butt-glazed facades and expressed aluminum frames. Floor-to-ceiling vision glass offers spectacular views throughout the city while allowing optimal day lighting to the building’s interior tenant spaces. The east and south facades of the tower incorporate expressed vertical mullion fins to provide solar shading. Additionally, the fins provide enhanced surface texture and further energy benefits to a high-performance unitized cladding system.
Building Area
Ground level: approximately 14,910 rentable square feet of retail and 7,701 RSF of office. Level 7-18: approximately 25,625 rentable square feet per level. Mechanical Penthouse: area totals approximately 10,000 gross square feet.
Typical Floor Dimensions
36-foot typical perimeter column spacing and 4-foot typical mullion spacing; 45-foot east/west bay depths, 35-foot north bay and +/- 70-foot south bay depths; floor-to-floor heights are 13.5 foot to accommodate 9-foot finished ceilings and five column-free corner offices per floor.
Floor Loading
A typical floor is designed to a reducible load of 100 pounds per square foot (psf) and 10 psf miscellaneous dead load at the perimeters, while the core areas allow for 100 psf live load unreduced and 10 psf miscellaneous dead load.

Passenger elevators have been designed to reach each successive floor in 10 seconds and are embedded with smart technology to best cater to tenants’ arrival and departure patterns. Office floors have state-of-the-art 3500-pound passenger elevators and a 4500-pound swing car.

HVAC Systems

High-efficiency, floor-by-floor, water-cooled direct expansion (DX) AC units with variable air volume (VAV) air distribution provide maximum flexibility, energy and cost efficiency compared to traditional central plant cooling systems. Ventilation is by dedicated outside air ventilation system (DOAVS) with total energy wheels to reduce total cooling and heating demand.

Plumbing Systems

Plumbing system includes domestic hot- and cold-water systems, sanitary sewer systems, roof and area drainage systems.

Electrical Systems

Two separate electrical bus risers shall serve the tenant (office receptacle and lighting panel boards) and mechanical systems. The tenant floors will be provided with a total of 5watts/sf lighting and receptacle loads.

Security/Control Systems

Computer-based expandable card access system using proximity-type access cards and card readers will be provided for building entrances, all elevator cabs, and the parking structure. Access to the parking structure, building lobby, and tenant floors is restricted to time of day or as desired by tenant. Individuals can also be restricted during off hours or have 24/7 access to floor-specific tenant space at the tenants’ option. The system will record all activity and can generate customized usage and activity reports as requested. The parking garage is equipped with automated traffic control gates for security.

Fire/Life Safety Systems

The building will possess an integrated sprinkler system in accordance with code requirements. Life-safety devices will include ADA-approved, fire alarm-audible speakers and visual strobes, smoke detectors, pull stations, waterflow switches, tamper switches, and duct smoke detectors connected to a centralized system. Two-way fire department communication system will be provided at elevators, lobbies, and stairway vestibules where required by code. A fire department central control station will be located on the ground floor.